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Studio Thomas Vailly offers an end-to-end range of services, from the very early stages of your bio-material pathway to the very pragmatic implementation of a productive regenerative ecosystem.

Champs de lavande



We target bio-based resources that are relevant to your business and identify bio-material potentials.

We create tailor-made bio-material samples to inspire your teams.


For each high potential material, we foresee pathways to reach regenerative circular production models.



We unlock the potential of bio-materials with cross-disciplinary R&D done with exceptional suppliers.


We partner your design teams to build Product Prototypes made with the designed bio-materials. We fine tune the bio-materials and the production process when needed.


We assess the ecological footprint of the designed materials and strengthen the pathway to regenerative circular production models.



We identify all the links of the value chain. We measure the externalities and we assist you in defining targets.


We set-up and manage an iterative improvement loop dedicated to grow the production, the efficiency and the positive externalities of the eco-system.


We find key resources to unlock sustainable growth of the system (know-hows, financing, new partners, governance...)

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